Probably no one can better express the spirit of the SØR brand in words than Dr. Thomas Rusche, Managing Director of the family business in its fourth generation. In a time of increasing hectic pace, persuading advertising, and loud in-and-out dictations, reflecting on what is most important feels good.
The essence of the clothing culture has been its distinctive continuity and international dissemination for generations as well as its claim to the highest quality of materials, elements, cuts and production methods. Dress culture is an expression of style. With my clothes I constantly send signals, therefore it should be in line with my character, full of quality and style. There is nothing to add.

Tradition and pure joy of great style, the fashion specialist with roots in Bielefeld, East Westphalia, is known and popular for its uncompromising line. At the same time, the ladies' and gentlemen's fashion from SØR is a commitment to timeless chic without dictation.