The establishments of the FEINE PRIVATHOTELS make hospitality a unique experience. To make this possible, we have the will to make the highest demands on ourselves in all areas - and to fulfil them. Together with our friends and partners, we accomplish this - even more so, this synergy is a source of motivation which always inspires us to perform at our best. After all, we know that the perfect composition of virtuoso soloists is what makes your stay at the FEINE PRIVATHOTELS an unforgettable experience. You can expect the best.

At the Caviar House & Prunier, connoisseurs that like variety will find a selection of delicacies and accessories in addition to the world-famous caviar and salmon specialties.

The locations of the Garpa collection presentations are always worth a short trip - surrounded by parkland and amidst attractive cities.

The hand-written word is an honour for the recipient, for the writer exposes his thoughts and feelings to the reader.

To enjoy champagne from the house of Pommery in stylish gathering means to share a piece of life.

Enjoyment is enhanced when the table is tastefully covered.

Tradition and pure joy of great style - the fashion specialist with roots in Bielefeld, East Westphalia, is known and popular for its uncompromising line.

The world’s finest grand and upright pianos and the virtuoso artists who play these unique instruments send their sound out into the world – to the joy of music lovers everywhere.

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