The sailing area between Barbados and Curacao is undoubtedly one of the finest in the world. In winter and spring, the summer warm Passat has perfect durability and carries the Sea Cloud II under blown sails across the sea. It also provides pleasant air and water temperatures and makes traveling on the Windjammer a unique experience. On the route that leads from Barbados via Bequia and Union Island, Grenada and Bonaire to Curacao, guests enjoy "Best of the Caribbean" with two full days at sea.

The snorkelling "Horseshoe Reef" in the Tobago Cays and the coral reefs of Bonaire are also visited. In the evening when the Sea Cloud II is moored in one of the picturesque harbours, guests sit together at the Sundowner and unwind recalling the day's events - Pure Caribbean feeling.

Whether it’s the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Atlantic, the love of planning is behind every perfect windjammer experience. In the Hamburg headquarters of Sea Cloud Cruises, various factors are taken into account in the design. Highest priority is given to the sailing conditions. The distances must give the sailor room to unfold his full strength, the winds should be as constant as possible. After all, the experience of traveling on a hand-sailed Grand Segler is a fascinating experience, even for experienced sailing guests. In conjunction with a balanced program of shore excursions, culinary pleasures and activities on board, a total package is created that will meet the standards of the Sea Cloud and her sister ship Sea Cloud II as a windjammer as well as a temporary home. Love for planning also means offering guests the best possible arrival and departure, and taking care of the design of pre- and post-stays. A journey with Sea Cloud Cruises is an individual experience, from the first moment. Find out more about your perfect winter vacation on the Sea Cloud.

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