What began in 2010 with four carefully chosen privately run hotels has become a superb collection of extraordinary destinations, each a unique and vibrant example of unparalleled hospitality. Knowing the passion and culture shared by our hoteliers, we invite you to sense their personal delight in providing you with a splendid experience throughout your stay. At every hotel. At every moment. Welcome.


We are at home with grand architecture and exquisite culture in urban settings. We quicken your heart with destinations both on the water and along the shore. We give you moments of breathtaking natural beauty. Discover the exceptional qualities of our hotels and allow yourself to be transported into a world full of culture and passion. Find out more.


A FEINE PRIVATHOTEL is always a combination of fascinating details. It is not just a historical estate, or an oasis of calm, or a haven of luxury. So we have listed our hotels under a number of different categories to make it even easier for you to discover precisely the one you desire. Let us inspire you.

Get to know us

There is so much to discover so much to enjoy! This is only possible when you visit us, and we get to know each other. That is exactly what we want - to have you with us, we pamper you, and offer you a wonderful time.

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Under Sails

Discover the world on a windjammer - our sailing packages offer you sea voyages with fascinating themed focus.

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Caviar House & Prunier

At the Caviar House & Prunier, connoisseurs that like variety will find a selection of delicacies and accessories in addition to the world-famous caviar and salmon specialties.

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The locations of the Garpa collection presentations are always worth a short trip - surrounded by parkland and amidst attractive cities.

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Champagne Pommery

To enjoy champagne from the house of Pommery in stylish gathering means to share a piece of life.

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Robbe & Berking

Enjoyment is enhanced when the table is tastefully covered.

Discover Robbe & Berking

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Tradition and pure joy of great style - the fashion specialist with roots in Bielefeld, East Westphalia, is known and popular for its uncompromising line.

Discover SØR

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World-famous instruments, perfect in both sound and appearance: these grand and upright pianos infuse music with a soul.

Discover Steinway & Sons

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Vickermann & Stoya

Handmade shoes from Vickermann & Stoya reflect the inner and outer values of their wearers and are a testament to beauty.

Discover Vickermann & Stoya

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Classic tailoring, interpreted anew: cove celebrates the timelessness of personal style and transforms menswear into individual statements.

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TiCad’s golf trolleys combine the art of precision craftsmanship with cutting-edge technical expertise in unrivalled form. Anyone who appreciates the sport of golf will love these trolleys.

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