Since our inception in 2004, we have dedicated ourselves exclusively to authenticity and aesthetics, and have been inspiring people to share our love of the finest handmade bespoke footwear. For us, continuous growth goes hand in hand with the highest standards. Our aim is to imbue our creations with life. We are convinced this can only be done by combining a love of the materials and craft with unparalleled skill and ability. So we take our time. For our customers, and for what we make for them.
A custom pair of shoes from Vickermann & Stoya reflects the inner and outer values of its owner. It is a testament to beauty that gives its wearer an unmistakable look, charisma, and style. Our aim is therefore to capture these unique qualities anew with each one of our shoes. Our collection honors classic men’s footwear including monk, Oxford, brogue, Norwegian, loafer, and Derby styles. We also make boots, sports, and golf shoes. Always with the finest materials, always with the perfect fit.

Matthias Vickermann and Martin Stoya know that individually crafted shoes convey values. The two master shoemakers from Baden-Baden have developed a unique approach to inspiring the love of bespoke footwear and its care. Not only that: the Vickermann & Stoya atelier is a leader in the field.