For more than 30 years TiCad has been handcrafting high-end, prize-winning golf trolleys. This traditional German brand is known among enthusiasts worldwide for the puristic design, precision workmanship, and superb quality of its “made in Germany” label. Low weight, ingenious engineering, superior materials, and comfortable handling are just some of the properties that make a TiCad trolley an exceptionally durable and extremely valuable companion on the golf course. TiCad trolleys are full of sophisticated features: refined leather handles, name engravings, custom-made transport bags, titanium wheels, and many other extensions and extras are sure to delight.
TiCad currently makes eight model series, consisting of four hand and four electric trolleys. Each TiCad is a timeless classic. When you buy a TiCad trolley you have numerous options for individualization. Handles and accessories lined with special leather in different hues, stitched logos, and personal adaptations are just some of the countless special features that TiCad offers.
Tradition and innovation

TiCad’s golf trolleys combine the art of precision craftsmanship with cutting-edge technical expertise in unrivalled form. Anyone who appreciates the sport of golf will love these trolleys.

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