Dedicated to the culture of apparel, cove interprets traditional European tailoring anew. Whether British, Italian, or other cultures, cove understands modern as well as historical currents in menswear. With keen eyes and sharp ears for the needs of our discerning clientele, we develop timeless cuts and modern variations to offer true works of art to connoisseurs of the full range of modern tailoring.

Proceeding from a vibrant classic basis we place a premium not least of all on the power of imagination. Custom tailoring from cove is both individual and international. It is not a question of age – but solely of customers’ aspirations, occasions, and personalities.
With timeless colors, lines, and details, cove turns select fabrics into superior clothing, employing an artistry that ensures the enduring value and perfect comfort of its products over decades. You will wear a truly classic creation that expresses your style while embodying traditional features. You’ll find cove exclusively in prominent and often historical sites that defy fleeting trends. We value locations with unique charm far removed from conventional shopping-mall milieus. Dark woods, leather, animal skins and specimens, subtle wall coloring – the ambience of cove’s ateliers deliberately reflects the cultural noblesse of English tailoring establishments from the glorious Savile Row era.

Bespoke tailoring for sophisticated clients: since 1999 our vision of “individual – valuable – timeless and timely” has guided our lovingly customized creations based on enduring traditions. Allow us to introduce ourselves – with an individual consultation over a cup of coffee at one of our ateliers.