Connoisseurs of the sparkling delicacy will gladly follow the recommendation for enjoying Pommery, “at any time of the day or night”. Pommery Champagne is a perfect accompaniment as an aperitif, complements every dinner and is also a luxurious refreshment for every occasion. But the champagne house from Reims is not only for refinement and perfection, but has always been synonymous with innovation.
Winemaker, Victor Lambert, created the first vintage brut in the history of Champagne, the Pommery Nature 1874. He came up with a wine that is "dry, but not brittle, yet... soft, velvety and full-bodied”. This type of wine can be found today “with finesse and friendly lightness" in the Brut Royal and the Cuvée Louise. It is always different and ever unique after slow maturation in the dark of the chalk cellars.

To enjoy champagne from the house of Pommery in a stylish gathering means to share a piece of life. Learn more about this famous champagne house and its origins, take a look at the architectural compositions of the headquarters in Reims and visit the fascinating world of cellar tunnels.

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