The Green Room at the Schlosshotel Burg Schlitz is the "living room of guests", as owner Armin Hoeck likes to describe this beautiful place. He's right, this is very private. Wide, comfortable sofas invite you to read and chat.
In winter a fireplace creates warmth. In summer, the sun paints bright squiggles on the walls and is reflected in the silver candelabra. It is afternoon and time to experience a particularly beautiful ritual at Burg Schlitz, high tea with master of ceremonies and tea sommelier, Roman Jahnel. The table is already covered with precious porcelain, and an étagère with various delicacies is awaiting the guests. In the background, the samovar murmurs, the door opens and a charming Roman Jahnel enters the classic salon.

For two years, he has been the master of the teapot, to say the least, and what he has to say, is both entertaining and interesting. Each variety presented by the tea sommelier has its own history, so you not only learn a lot about cultivation areas, harvest and production, but discover a previously unknown history of tea. Guests may sniff at the silver tea caddies and choose a favourite. This is prepared and served by the passionate tea expert. The eyes of the guest are already busy with the etagere - at the bottom, cucumber and salmon sandwiches look to be a tempting and delicious start, scones are on offer in the middle, and to finish, Petit Fours sit on the top plate.
Jahnel serves the scones with clotted cream and herb refined jam, of course homemade, however the overture is a green tea sorbet. These wonderful teas are the exclusive collection of Ronnefeldt and are only served in first-class hotels. It is not available either in specialized stores or on the internet, explains Roman Jahnel as he serves it to you. The spoon strums softly on the delicate walls of the cups - calm and cosiness fill the room. The sommelier has now withdrawn and the etagere empties rapidly. Above all lingers the smell of freshly brewed tea. An afternoon couldn’t be more relaxed and private as in this Burg Schlitz living room at high tea.

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