If books such as "Biophilia effect - healing from the forest" by Clemens G. Arvay or Peter Wohlleben's bestseller "The secret life of the trees" are booming, this is no coincidence. We all need natural experiences as a balance to everyday life in the city, and yearn for a relaxing antipode - we feel the positive effect of the forest intuitively, the "healing bond between man and nature". The view into the green is soothing, everyone with a forest view from their desk will be able to confirm that. And then the exercise! Often, this is no more than a pipe dream or half an hour on the stepper at the fitness club.

For this reason the wellness concept in the Kranzbach goes far beyond the passive "pampering". Of course, you can enjoy all the comforts of a relaxing spa stay, such as swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, massages, cosmetics etc. But we advise our guests to step out into nature and especially into the forest - in any weather. Up here at 1,030 meters above sea level, in absolute calm and natural surroundings, we are far from any urban influence - no street noise, no local centre, no noise disturbing the process of slowing down and concentrating on one’s self.
Surrounded by meadows, forests and mountains, our solitary location in the mountain valley allows guests to soak up the forest air. Our only neighbour is the Bavarian State Forest ... this "being a part of nature" has a positive impact on wellbeing after a short stay and no athletic performance is necessary for this. An hour-long walk through the forest helps to lower the blood pressure, the heart rate and adrenaline. The lung capacity increases and the elasticity of the arteries improve.

Through the establishment of a new yoga and meditation platform in the middle of the Kranzbach Forest, the yoga units can now be held in healthy forest air. Inner peace is established and thoughts are level. Experience a health retreat as you have never known before: in the Kranzbach.

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